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Plan, launch, and grow your startup
all in one place

Notion Startup OS is the fastest, easiest, and most organized way to plan, launch and grow your startup using Notion.

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Every template you'll ever need

+60 ready to use and easy to customize templates including

Company Dashboard

Customizable dashboard to help you stay focused on everything

Business Model Canvas

Easily customizable, ready-to-use business model canvas

Value Proposition Canvas

All new drag & drop value proposition canvas experience

Company OKRs

Keep your startup on track and moving in the right direction

Business Portfolio Map

Clear visualization of your startup and growth initiatives

Team Alignment Map

Help your entire team stay aligned while being remote

Pitch Deck Creator

Create and share your pitch deck presentation in real-time

ROI Calculator

Save money and spend more on what’s turning profits New

Marketing Strategy

Stay ahead of the competition with a killer marketing plan

Financial Statements

Manage your money without having to be an Excel guru

+50 Other Templates
Including ✓ Projects Dashboard ✓ Tasks Dashboard ✓ Company OKRs ✓ Product Launch Plan ✓ PH Launch Checklist ✓ CRM ✓ Investors CRM ✓ Investment Memo ✓ Subscription Tracker ✓ Team Salary and more.

A process-based approach
to grow your startup

Notion Startup OS is a process. NOT pages & templates!

Built based on validated and constantly improving process to be your recipe for success.

Got a big idea? It's now time to turn it into a profitable startup

Business Model
Convert your big idea into a profitable startup using Lean Canvas & Business Model Canvas.
Company OKRs
Are you a fan of Google’s approach to goal settings? Setting your startup’s OKRs has never been easier.
Goals & Objectives
Successful startups don’t just plan! Set your startup’s goals & objectives to always stay on track.
Business Portfolio Map
be the first to know if your startup is prone to disruption, at risk, or if you are prepared for the future.

From launching your product to launching on PH, we've got you covered

Product Launch Plan
Don’t just launch your product. Plan it! Make sure your product gets traction on day 1 with a perfect product launch plan.
Website Launch Checklist
Make sure your website converts visitors into customers with 91+ checklist items.
Strategic & Project plan
Launching your product is not the end. It’s only the beginning! A Strategic & project plan helps you stand out in a crowded market.
PH Launch Checklist
A complete guide and 58+ checklist items to make your Product Hunt launch get to the top.

All the activities you'll ever need to grow your startup. Ready to be executed

Calculate your startup’s cap table automatically, even after getting funded.
Practical marketing plan and content strategy to help you find your potential customers.
Supercharged with 6 different types of pitch deck templates, plus a pitch deck creator.
Sales & Fundraising
CRMs to help you do the right activities at the right time to get traction and get funded.

A closer look at What's inside

One of the largest projects ever built with Notion!

Based on validated, and constantly improving process
Focus on your most lucrative tasks and activates first
Well structured workspace and organized databases
100s of views for ultra responsive linked databases
+1250 consistent icons in 9 different colors included
+200 tools & resources included. Updated weekly
Subscription tracker & bonus templates included
Pay once, get free updates. Forever!

That's great! but why Notion?

Because Notion might be the only tool you’ll need to run your startup! Here’s why

Looks beautiful, just like you

Formatting is not an issue anymore. Thanks to Notion, templates look beautiful and ready to be shared & viewed on every device.

Add your thoughts in seconds

Easy to customize, edit, and track changes and pivots. Add thoughts and make changes anywhere, even in the bathroom. It’s that simple!

Works in the dark too!

You won’t be blinding yourself, co-founder, team, or investors! All templates are fully compatible with light & dark modes. It’s up to you to save your eyes.
Lean Canvas Template
Value Proposition Canvas Template
Team Alignment Map Template

Spend your time growing your startup not searching for templates!

Notion Startup OS is supercharged with all the templates you need to help you stay organized while building the next big thing

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Business Model Canvas Template
Company Dashboard Template

Notion Startup OS in numbers

Age is just a number, Notion Startup OS isn’t! However, here’re a few numbers to help you do the math






Tools & Resources




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Award winning and loved by the people

#1 Product to reach 100 users
#3 Product of the challange

Stop wasting time & money switching between tools!

You waste your time and money when you chase the next shiny tool that comes out. Notion Startup OS isn’t a new tool; this is a solid OS built inside Notion to be the only system you need to manage your business.

Get Notion Startup OS
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Learn how using Notion can be 10x easier and faster

Launching and managing businesses have never been easier, learn how to use the free Business Model & Lean Canvas right into Notion.


Join +2900 founders who manage their startups like superheroes

First off, the free Startup Lean Canvas by Ali is literally a steal. It has helped us at CleverFlow quickly define our entire startup. Naturally, we prebooked the Notion Startup OS and a call with Ali. He patiently understood our entire value proposition, gave incredible insights, and is always celebrating our success till date.

The product, Notion Startup OS itself is a comprehensive tool for all aspects of your startup. Having said that, there will be 3-4 pages which will be super crucial to you depending on your business and your stage. For us, it's the Task dashboard which is a simple Kanban style dashboard with just enough bells and whistles to get value out of it without getting bloated.

It prepares you for your entire startup journey from idea generation to graduating into an established business with templates like Product Hunt launch checklist, OKRs, feature comparison tables and much more. I highly recommend Notion Startup OS and can assure it's a very good ROI for any startup.

Aliasgar Murtaza
Simply amazing!

5-Star Rated On NotionEverything

5-Star Rated On Gumroad

5-Star Rated On Trustpilot

Used by some of the most innovative startups

Pay once use forever!

As a founder, I hate having tons of subscriptions to worry about, and I know you hate it too; I believe in YOPO (You Only Pay Once) instead.



Business Model & Lean Canvas

2 Templates
Pre-filled with examples
Setup guide
Video guide
Notion Startup OS


Will be $99 when we reach 70 templates

+62 Ready-to-use templates
Pre-filled & clean templates
Complete setup guide
+200 tools & resources
+1298 Icons included
Premium support
Helpful tips
Bonus gift
Unlimited future updates
Notion Startup OS + 30 min call


Will be $129 when we reach 70 templates

Everything in Notion Startup OS +
30 min personal walkthrough
or Notion consultation session
or Business coaching session

Also available in different languages

In progress
In progress

Used and loved by awesome founders like

30 Days money-back guarantee
If Notion Startup OS didn’t satisfy your needs, request a refund and get your money back within 30 days with no questions asked.
Free Lifetime Updates
Notion Startup OS is a mission to create a recipe for launching killer startups. You’ll get free lifetime updates to help you get there.
Premium Support
I love helping you manage your current startup or launch your next one using Notion Startup OS. Get support via chatbox, email & DM.

Frequently asked questions

Notion Startup OS is for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs launching or managing a startup, side project, or trying to convert their business ideas into reality.

I try my best to make using and editing the templates a fun thing to do. Customizing anything should be so easy; I also included a set of free assets like icons to make it even easier.

Yes, yes, and yes! I’m a student myself and I know how life during that period feels. If you’re a student or a founder under 21yrs, or Nonprofit email me with your ID or school email to get a 50% discount.

I’m always looking for more native speakers to translate and manage Notion Startup OS in their language. If you think you can help translate, manage, and promote the OS in your language, I’m happy to give you 40% of its profits. Send me an email for more details if you’re interested.

It’s simple! If you find out that Notion Startup OS isn’t helping you achieve your business goals, you have a whole 30 days to request a refund with no questions asked.

I advise using it only with your team. You can also use it for any number of projects as long as you’re the one who’s using it.

If you love the OS and want to spread the word, join our affiliate prgram and earn 20% on every sale you send our way!

Future updates will be delivered via email until we set up a dashboard for customers on which they can access the latest version and the newly added templates or updates. If you have a better suggestion please email me

Languages are sold seperately as a stand alone versions. However, if you purchased Notion Startup OS in English you get a 75% discount on any other language you buy and vice versa.

Have more questions?

Have more questions?

Click on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner, or email me at [email protected] or DM me @alirashiidy anytime.