Notion Startup OS - the fastest way to plan, launch, and manage your startup.

The fastest way to plan, launch and manage your startup.

Notion Startup OS is the fastest way to plan, launch and manage your startup, from idea to exit built into Notion. 🚀

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Every template a founder needs

With +25 ready to use and easy to customize templates including

Company Dashboard
Customizable dashboard to help you launch on time & stay on track.
Pitch Deck Presentation
Creating and sharing your pitch deck presentations will be a breeze.
Business Model Canvas
Ready to use and easy to customize business model & lean canvas.
Value Proposition Canvas
A value proposition canvas that a 5-year-old can use & edit with joy.
Business Portfolio Map
Visualizing your business and your new growth initiative crystal clear.
Alignment Map
Help your team stay on track, tackle giant projects, all while remote.
Financial Model
Complete system to help you manage your most important resource.
Company Profile
Create and share your company profile without PowerPoint struggle.
Marketing Plan
Create and execute a solid marketing plan that boosts your revenue.
+15 Other Templates
Including Project Tracker, Subscription tracker, Cultural map, and more.
Discover the new way to

Manage your startup!

Notion can be the only tool you need to manage your startup. We just made it easier.

Looks beautiful, just like you.

Formation is not an issue anymore. Thanks to Notion, templates look beautiful and ready to be shared & viewed on every device.

Add your thoughts in seconds.

Easy to customize, edit, and track changes and pivots. Add thoughts and make changes anywhere, even in the bathroom. It’s that simple!

Works in the dark too!

You won’t be blinding yourself, co-founder, team, or investors! All templates are fully compatible with light & dark modes. It’s up to you to save your eyes.

Spend your time growing your startup, not fixing formation!

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Stop wasting time and money switching between different tools.

You waste your time and money when you chase the next shiny tool that comes out. Notion Startup OS isn’t a new tool; this is a solid OS built inside Notion to be the only system you need to manage your business.

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Notion Startup OS journey

Shared 2 free templates

Aug 2020

Reached +1.3K Downloads

Feb 2021

Released for Pre-Order

Mar 2021

Launch Notion Startup OS

Apr 2021

Learn how using Notion can be 10x easier and faster.

Launching and managing businesses have never been easier, learn how to use the free Business Model & Lean Canvas right into Notion.


Join +1600 founders who manage their startups like superheroes.

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Pay Once, Use Forever!

As a founder, I hate having tons of subscriptions to worry about, and I know you hate it too; I believe in YOPO (You Only Pay Once) instead.



Business Model & Lean Canvas

2 Templates
Pre-filled with examples
Setup guide
Video guide
Startup OS


50% off pre-order limited to 100 copies

+25 Templates
Pre-filled & Clean
Premium support
Helpful tips
Complete setup guide
Unlimited future updates
Startup OS + 30 min call


50% off pre-order limited to 50 copies

Everything in startup OS +
30 minutes call
Notion consultation session
Personal walkthrough
30 Days money-back guarantee
If the templates didn’t satisfy your needs, request a refund and get your money back within 30 days with no questions asked.
Free Lifetime Updates
This project will be ongoing for a long time, so new templates will be added, further enhancements will be made, and you will get it all for free.
Premium Support
I love to help you manage your current startup or launch your next startup using Notion Startup OS, so I’m offering support via email & DM.

Frequently asked questions

Notion Startup OS is for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs launching or managing a startup, side project, or trying to convert their business ideas into reality.

I try my best to make using and editing the templates a fun thing to do. Customizing anything should be so easy; I also included a set of free assets like icons to make it even easier.

Yes, yes, and yes! I’m a student myself and I know how life during that period feels. If you’re a student or a founder under 21yrs email me with your ID or school email to get a 25% discount.

It’s simple! If you find out that Notion Startup OS isn’t helping you achieve your business goals, you have a whole 30 days to request a refund with no questions asked.

I advise using it only with your team. You can also use it for any number of projects as long as you’re the one who’s using it. If you love the OS and want to spread the word, contact me for an affiliate to make money doing it.

Future updates will be delivered via email until we set up a dashboard for customers on which they can access the latest version and the newly added templates or updates. If you have a better suggestion please email me

Have more questions?

Have more questions?

Email me at [email protected] or DM me @alirashiidy anytime.

Notion Startup OS is coming soon!