I look forward to meeting with you!

Thank you for adding 30 minutes call to your Notion Startup OS. I’m excited to meet you.

Frequently asked questions

This call can be used to give you a personal walkthrough, share tips & tricks, explain how certain templates should be used, provide personal support. Or you can use it as a general Notion consultation session. Anything you want, I’m happy to help.

I’m sorry if the available time slots do not fit your schedule. If you wish to schedule a different time, please contact me to find the best time for both of us.

I totally understand that your time is so valuable, I’ll send you a quick reminder 30 minutes before the call, if something happens, and you couldn’t show up please let me know, and I’ll be happy to reschedule it even if you didn’t show up.

I love listening to you and provide as much value as I can. That’s my goal from the call. If 30 minutes weren’t enough to achieve that goal, I’d be happy to extend the session until we do.
P.S introduction and business background aren’t part of the 30 minutes.

Yes, if you’re looking for Notion Consultation of any kind, I’m available to book, please contact me for more details.

All questions are welcome, If you still have other questions, please Email me at [email protected] or DM me @alirashiidy anytime.

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